20: Saving Big: Southern Style. Guest: Southern Savers’ Jenny Martin

(Even if you’re not Southern, it’s still OK to listen.)

Jenny Martin of Southern Savers

Jenny Martin of Southern Savers

About this episode:

Jenny Martin, mother of five and the writer behind Southern Savers, joins Lance to discuss what it’s like working from home while homeschooling your kids, what makes southernsavers.com tick, and of course how to save a ton of money for your big family by using simple Southern Savers methods.

Show notes:

  • Aside from visiting southernsavers.com, you can also find Jenny and her team on Twitter and Facebook. (And while you’re at it, go ahead and like like us, too.)
  • The epic 2 hour video on “Extreme Couponing” that Jenny mentioned can be found here.

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Photo by Caden Crawford / CC BY NC