35: Interview with Benji Travis of ItsJudysLife, BenjiManTV, and Video Influencers

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Interview with Benji Travis / ItsJudysLife, BenjiManTV

It’s Benji Travis’s Time 

Many big families have multiples, so it’s not a surprise that this episode’s guest is a father of twins.

And a lot of big fams have a few kids in a short timeframe, so it’s not too crazy that our guest and his wife have three children 3 years-old and under.


From the BenjiManTV channel

But most large families don’t have hundreds of thousands of people watching their lives every single day. That’s what makes this episode’s guest – Benji Travis – a bit of an anomaly for a guest on Above Average.

Among Travis’s many projects is ItsJudysLife. That’s the YouTube channel where he and his wife Judy have posted daily videos (“vlogs” in YouTube-speak) for over four years. According to Travis, the family has posted over 2000 videos between their different channels. Besides ItsJudysLife, there’s also BenjiManTV for foodie videos and ItsMommysLife, dedicated to parenting topics.

Their consistency in sharing snippets of their lives in unique and engaging ways has earned them well over 2 million subscribers.

More Than Numbers

But there’s more to the story than the numbers, as you’ll hear in this episode. The Travis family has built its success on persistence and dedication to making and sharing content people can relate to. And with his latest project, Video Influencers, Benji and collaborator Sean Cannell help inspire other video creators produce excellent work on YouTube and beyond.

Between the YouTube backstory, lessons on passion and hustle, and stories of fatherhood, I knew Benji would be a relevant and thought-provoking guest for the show. On a recent Skype call we covered a ton of ground: how they got started, how he and Judy have grown their audience, how they have continued to create content that their audience loves, how families can explore making money online with sites like YouTube, life with twins, and a ton more.

Show Notes & Highlights

  • 8:56 – Why Judy and Benji Travis chose to share their lives on YouTube
  • 11:17 – How their YouTube careers got started
  • 16:25 – Prioritizing work vs. family
  • 21:30 – Life with twins!
  • 25:20 – “Did you want to have a large family?”
  • 28:30 – Benji’s advice on not “oversharing” and setting boundaries
  • 33:00 – What it takes to make extra money online and how to start building an audience
  • 46:48 – Benji’s favorite food for feeding a lot of people