39: You Should Know Your Pharmacist. Guest: Dr. Matt Robinson

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Episode 39: You Should Know Your Pharmacist. Guest: Dr. Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson is our guest on this episode. Matt’s a personal friend of Lance’s, an “Above Average” father, and an experienced pharmacist. Matt joined Lance to talk about the pharmacy and medicine worlds and how they specifically affect big families.

We cover a lot of ground, including how to save money on prescriptions, how to keep your family safe when meds are in the house, and the value of getting to know your pharmacist. When it comes down to it, this episode is all about keeping your family safe and healthy, and saving time and money.

Show Notes:

    • Shoutout to Poole’s Pharmacy Care, where Matt works. (We’ll update y’all when we make it to the location with the soda fountain!)
    • If you’d like to say hey to Matt on Twitter, find him at @therealdanny233 (and ask him why he picked that username. Include me, @Osborne, on that tweet, too. I’d love to hear that story again!).
    • POISON CONTROL: I hope you’re not in an emergency at the moment! But you might want to jot this number down for future reference: 1-800-222-1222
    • If you’re not here for the poison control number, you might be here for the Chocolate Rain reference. Here it is, in all its Tay Zonday glory: