41: What Do Kids Think About Trump, Clinton, and the 2016 Election?

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41: What Do Kids Think About the 2016 Election?

What do your kids really think about Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Or any other presidential candidate? How have your political views shaped theirs, regardless of your kids’ ages? Kids pick up on more than adults think, especially when it comes to polarizing topics like the 2016 election.

In this episode, Lance’s wife Sarah jumps in as co-host to talk transparently about this election and how adults’ open discussion of it can affect your family.

Show Notes and Links:

    • The Reddit post that we talked about is here: “Elementary school teachers, what have you heard your students say about Trump and Clinton?
    • I mentioned YouTuber / vlogger Casey Neistat. His channel is here, and his political video we talked about it is here. (By the way, that’s certainly not Casey’s best video. For me, that would probably be this one.)
    • In case you can’t listen to this episode all the way through, I get on a little soapbox near the end and said something like this:
      • “Where’s your hope? For people of faith, like us, it will be in God. For our family, Jesus is our Lord. And regardless of what happens to the US, I believe He came to save all of us – not just red or blue-blooded Americans. Our priest made a joke at Mass the other day, talking about how, if you don’t like the Donkey or the Elephant, choose the Lamb. (I just wish Jesus was actually on the ballot.)” This I believe.