We’re All in for Owen

As discussed in this week’s episode, Bobby recently ran in the Ragnar Relay Series as part of a team raising awareness for All in for Owen. Owen Torti is almost two, and was born with a rare condition called LCHAD that requires him to eat hourly. Owen is the grandson of Bobby’s co-worker (and Lance’s former co-worker – hi LeeAnn!).

From ABC News:all in for owen

Owen Torti was diagnosed with LCHAD (Long-chain 3-hydroxy acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase) when he was just a newborn, his mother, Kayla Torti, told ABC News.

The rare genetic disorder means Owen’s body is unable to break down certain fatty acids into energy. As a result, he must eat nearly constantly or else his body would start to break down key muscles in the search for energy.

Little Owen’s story is getting some big attention both here in the US and even in the UK. Check it out and support Owen and his family if you can!

Lastly, here’s a quick video (featuring Bobby asking “In one day?”) about the team that ran for the cause: