28: MAILBAG – “When did you decide to have a big family?”

MAILBAG – “When did you decide to have a big family?”

You’ve got questions. We pretend to have answers.

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Show Notes

Josh in Virginia writes into the show asking, “When did you decide to have a big family? Or did it just happen (or is it happening) one kid at a time?”
Lance and Bobby answer: “Oh boy…”

Well, it may be a little more detailed than that!

Josh doesn’t have a big family (yet), but he’s curious about those of us who do, and how we decided it was time to have another child (and another, and another) and grow our family. Or did we decide at all?

There are many families on both sides – those who planned it from the beginning of their marriage, and those who kind of just stumbled into having a full house.

Tune in to learn more about Josh’s interesting situation and our response and experiences with deciding to grow our family.

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Photo credits: Vintage Mailbag, from Flickr user Marcin Wichary, CC 2.0