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Hello hello! Lance Osborne here. If you haven’t listened to the show’s introduction, it’s a great place to start to figure out what “Above Average” is all about. Just hit play on the audio player to the right.

I’ve been a podcast listener for years. But when I checked out a few “family” podcasts, they were pretty irrelevant to my actual family life: hearts were in the right place, but the content was 1-and-2-kid focused. I couldn’t find much that helped me with what bigger families go through* – it seemed like they were all for average families.

Pictured here with our wonderful wives… and The Captain. Lance and Sarah on left, Katherine and Bobby on the right.

Pictured here with our wonderful wives… and a Cruise Captain. Lance Osborne and Sarah on left, Katherine and Bobby on the right.

But our family isn’t like that: 5 kids into it, our family is literally above the average! And you know what they say – if you can’t find a podcast you want, you should start your own.

Now that you know the spirit behind the show, here are some other details:

  • we try to release 2-4 shows a month
  • topics are all over the place but always relate to growing and strengthening your family and your parenting
  • a lot of the “off-air” conversation happens on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. Join us!
  • you’ll often hear from my good friend Bobby Ehrhardt (dad of four), my wife Sarah, and special guests like behavioral experts, doctors, and business people who all have something noteworthy to share about big family life. (And if you have a guest suggestion, let me know!)
  • besides the podcast, we often write on the blog and share news, deals, and personal experiences from our adventures in parenting

None of the people you hear on the show or read on the blog are perfect parents. But we are real people.

And, probably like yourself, we’re fighting hard for our families to be truly great in a society that is usually not kid-friendly and certainly not big-family-friendly.

A podcast that’s just for those of us with lots of kids won’t change the world, but it’s a step in the right direction of making us more confident in and proud of our big families. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!


* To clarify: Most of us begin our families with one kid. None of this is intended as a slam. We’re simply saying there hasn’t been a podcast platform focused on large family life – and there should be. And now there is. Carry on.

Lance Osborne and family

Lance, Sarah, and family

Lance Osborne (that’s me) and wife Sarah have 5 children, including a run of 4 kids in less than 5 years. (Someone give that woman a trophy.) They live in Owensboro, Kentucky where Lance runs his own marketing firm for small businesses, Osborne Strategies, LLC. Connect with Lance on Twitter.
Guest host Bobby Ehrhardt and his wife Katherine are the parents of 4 kids, including our godson William. The family lives south of Nashville, Tennessee.
If you’d like to let us know what you think of the show, suggest a topic, or just say hi, you can contact us here. And of course, if you have friends or know other families that would enjoy the podcast, please let them know about the show.