29: Interview with Jason Evert, author and speaker on the virtue of chastity

Jason Evert discusses big families, the importance of chastity, and must-read books

A quick note on this week’s content: Jason and I talk about the birds and the bees in this interview.
It’s nothing graphic or distasteful, but you may want to listen when you’re not around younger children.

Jason Evert is the world’s leading speaker and author on chastity, and has spoken to over one million people about its importance. Besides his speaking events, Jason has written or co-written more than ten books, including Theology of His Body / Her Body and Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves. When they’re not on the road, Jason and his wife Crystalina – who is also a speaker with an amazing story – keep busy with their six children.

While he was in town for events for the Diocese of Owensboro (Kentucky), I caught up with Jason Evert to interview him for the podcast.

Jason and I talk about…

His big familyJason Evert and Lance Osborne - Above Average: The podcast for big families.

  • if he and has wife had planned on having many children
  • how they handle sports and other activities
  • balancing a big family with a busy travel schedule
  • favorite family traditions

His work with Chastity Project

  • defining chastity: it’s much deeper than “no sex until marriage”
  • discussing the birds and bees with younger children
  • fighting temptation on the Internet
  • how to get the chastity message to stick with your kids
  • tips on handling this subject when you have a large family
  • helping someone “start over”

And we wrap up with…

  • Jason’s tips for aspiring writers and speakers
  • his most memorable speaking engagement
  • books Jason thinks you should put on your must-read list


My conversation with Jason Evert is relevant to any parent, but because Above Average focuses on big family life, we hope it’s extra helpful to our listeners. Jason and I made sure to hit the topics that specifically affect those of us with a bunch of kids. Please listen and if you like it, SHARE THIS EPISODE with a friend!

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Photos from the interview (Thanks Drew!):

Online resources

Books on purity for younger children

Jason’s must-read books (for you!)

Video of a recent talk


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Photo credits: Drew Hardesty, “The Bearded Servant” – Facebook, vlog on YouTube
Huge thanks to Gina at Chastity Project, the staff of Diocese of Owensboro (Kentucky), and the Carmel Home for all their help!