15: Expert guest Chris LoCurto – Personality Styles in Your Big Family

UPDATE: This show has become one of our most popular episodes. If you’re new to Above Average, this is a GREAT show to start with! 

LifePlan and business leadership expert Chris LoCurto discusses how to improve communication and strengthen bonds in your family.

Have you ever wondered why some of your kids respond well to bullet point instructions, but then others need a 10 minute class with an annotated bibliography? Maybe it’s their personality style (or maybe it’s yours). That’s what we unpack with Chris LoCurto in this show.

We (Lance and Bobby) have known Chris for years, so when we launched Above Average, we felt like absolute geniuses when we realized that what he does for a living is 100% applicable to big family life. We knew he had to be on the podcast. Fortunately for us, it didn’t take much arm twisting – Chris is already an established podcaster himself with “The Chris LoCurto Show.”

Chris walks us through the popular DISC personality profile “test” and explains why it can be such a valuable tool in personal relationships. (And if you’re listening to this show, you’ve got a bunch of personal relationships under your own roof.)

Other awesome things about this episode:

  • Chris LoCurto is offering a free DISC test for Above Average listeners. This is a $30 value! (Thanks Chris!) For more info, visit chrislocurto.com/aboveaverage. Note that this is a limited time offer and it will expire on July 29, 2015!
  • This episode officially ended at around 41 minutes, but we actually talked for another 25 minutes. This extra time included some seriously great thoughts on lovingly disciplining your kids (and a great bit about a “your mom” joke gone wrong).
  • You can hear this bonus content! Check out aboveaverageshow.com/chris to download or stream it.

You can listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher, or in the player below: